At Washington Dog and Cat Hospital we are able to diagnose and treat skin conditions in both dogs and cats. 

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Treating Skin Conditions in Pets

There is a range of inflammatory and chronic skin conditions that your cat or dog could develop. These skin conditions include fungal infections, bacterial infections, allergies, chronic scratching, hair loss, and skin parasites. 

Members of our team have years of experience and can provide you with the best possible treatment options.

If your cat or dog's condition is more severe or requires advanced treatments, we will refer your pet to a veterinary dermatologist near Los Angeles.

Veterinary Dermatology in Los Angeles Veterinarians

Veterinary Dermatology in Los Angeles Veterinarians

What to Expect at Your
Veterinary Dermatology Appointment

Our vets will work with you to find the cause of your furry companion's discomfort and will recommend treatment options based on their requirements.

Examination & Diagnosis

Our vets will go over your pet's medical history to help diagnose their condition. After that, they will utilize the diagnostic tools at our in-house laboratory to determine the source of your pet’s skin condition.

Treatment Planning

When our veterinarians find the source of your cat or dog's skin condition, we will develop a treatment plan. Your pet's treatment could consist of prescription medications, shampoo/conditioner, an ear flush, allergy vaccines, or simple changes to their environment. 

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