At Washington Dog and Cat Hospital, our vets can diagnose and treat disorders and diseases in the eyes of dogs and cats.

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Eye Care for Cat & Dogs

Our vets are able to provide cats and dogs with comprehensive eye care services.

The conditions that could impact your pet's eyes can range from minor to severe, leading to discomfort and, potentially affecting your cat or dog's vision. When eye problems are found, early treatment can be provided to reduce pain and preserve your companion's eyesight.

At Washington Dog and Cat Hospital, we are able to diagnose and treat many eye conditions or diseases including cataracts, infections, tumors, glaucoma, dry eye, uveitis, corneal ulcers, and more.

Cat & Dog Ophthalmology in Los Angeles

What to Expect at Pet Ophthalmology Appointment

We want your pet's eye appointment with us to be a pleasant experience. When you arrive, you will be welcomed by one of our receptionists who will ask you to fill out our new patient forms. 

We also ask that you bring any medications your pet is taking (eye or oral) to your first appointment. Prior to your appointment please fax the results of any recent blood tests or pertinent records if you are a new patient. 

  • Patient History & Diagnostics

    As soon as we have received your information, we will bring you and your cat or dog into one of our examination rooms and get a thorough history.

    Initial diagnostic tests will be conducted such as a Schirmer tear test, applanation tonometry and vital staining.

  • Comprehensive Exam & Additional Diagnostics

    Your vet will then conduct a thorough examination. The exam will consist of vision testing, slit lamp examination (biomicroscopy) and indirect ophthalmoscopy.

    The vet will then talk to you about your pet's current ocular condition and make therapeutic and/or further diagnostic recommendations.

    Your veterinarian may also conduct a gonioscopy, nasolacrimal flushing, harvesting of corneal and conjunctival cells, cytology, aqueocentesis, ocular ultrasound, electroretinography, genetic testing for inherited eye disease and blood pressure measurement.

  • Discharge & Next Steps

    At the end of your appointment, you will be given discharge instructions consisting of a diagnosis, directions for medical therapy and a description of your pet's current ocular condition.

Symptoms of Eye Conditions

There are many signs your cat or dog could display that may indicate disease in your pet's eyes. If your animal companion is suffering from any of the symptoms below, contact us to schedule an appointment. The earlier eye conditions are diagnosed, the sooner we can start treatment. If eye problems are not treated, you could be putting your pet's eyesight at risk.

  • Squinting
  • Discharge
  • Swelling
  • Tearing / Tear-Stained Fur
  • Vision Loss (sudden)
  • Red Eye
  • Cloudiness
  • Eye Rubbing
  • Change in Eye Color
  • Vision Loss (gradual)

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