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    Pee-yew! What is that smell??  It's your pet's breath! A lot of animals develop stinky breath when their teeth are dirty. However, bad breath can be caused by other factors.  Oral (mouth) Read more
  • Senior Pets and Preventative Care
    Hi! Did you know that October is not only Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is also Senior Pet Awareness Month! I want to tell you a few things that you can Read more
  • Home Safety: How to keep your pets safe while your home is under construction!
    Hi everyone! Our hospital is currently under construction, so we thought we should share some tips in case you were thinking about remodeling your own home! Whenever construction is occurring, there is Read more
  • 2 Cats Need a Home ASAP
    Hello! We recently had someone drop 2 cats at our doorstep and they are fluffy just like me! A couple of weeks ago, a human left 2 cats - a Himalayan Read more
  • FLUTD!
    Good day! FLUTD - Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder We have been very busy at Washington Dog & Cat Hospital. The last few days have been filled with kitties coming in for Read more