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  • Parasites!
    Hi everybody!!  It has been so long since I last spoke with you! I must say, it is a very busy time of year here in the clinic. My awesome veterinary Read more
  • Bladder Stones!
    Happy Friday Everyone! We had another super cool surgery yesterday! This handsome dog came in, (yes, I called a dog handsome) because he was having problems urinating. So our veterinarian decided Read more
  • Pyometra!
    Hi!! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!  I know I sure did. I stayed inside where it was safe and quiet, just like I like it to be.  I have a Read more
  • Before Your Party! Things to save your pets from:
    Hi everybody!  It's almost time for the 4th of July parties to start! That being said, I just want to remind you of a few things you should be careful about Read more
  • Summertime Hazards
    Summertime is officially here! That means that the 4th of July celebrations will be starting soon. I don’t know about your pets, but man, I sure hate fireworks. They’re so Read more