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  • A Big Thank You to Our Clients!
    Good day!!  I just wanted to take a moment to "meow out" to our wonderful clients. We appurrciate everyone of you! You all have been so kind and patient through this Read more
  • Hours Update
    Dear Clients of Washington Dog and Cat Hospital, As the Corona Virus crisis continues to challenge our activities, we wish to say  THANK YOU for your support! THANK YOU for your trust! THANK YOU Read more
  • Pet Poison Awareness Month
    Good day! March is Pet Poison Awareness Month! Did you know that different items affect different species in different ways? That means that things that are toxic to dogs may not Read more
  • 5 Treats to Help Clean Your Pet's Teeth
    Hello!! We are officially wrapping up National Pet Dental Month at our clinic on Friday! We have told you all about how to care for your pet's teeth, why it's important Read more
  • What To Expect During Your Pet's Dental Cleaning
    Hello!! Some of you have been asking what do we do during your pet's dental cleaning procedure and why do they have to be under anesthesia.  Well, I'm going to answer that Read more